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Our Projects 

One of our core aims is to run great projects which help our community to live sustainably. This includes our awesome volunteers actively helping out with everything from keeping food and items from going to waste through donations, reuse and repair, to keeping the local environment clean and tidy and full of colour and biodiversity! It also includes educatory projects and workshops to inform others in the community (and ourselves!) on the steps we can possibly take to make an ecologically conscious difference in our lives.

Sustainable Northstowe

Community Pantry

We have started our community pantry in collaboration with the Co-ops in Longstanton and Willingham!

Volunteers are collecting food 7 days a week and distributing it to the local community via the Olio app. Download it today and help us reduce food waste in our community.


Plastic Free Longstanton & Northstowe

This amazing project is helping to reduce single use plastic in our community. Working with individuals, community groups and businesses, we are helping to create a single use plastic free community!

Clothes Swap and Share


Give your wardrobe a shake-up by passing on clothes you no longer use and picking up a fresh look in return.

Whilst we wait for a new Community space, why not pop any pre-loved clothes on the Olio app. Or watch out for our one of our clothes swaps events!


Seed Swaps

We hold events regularly throughout the year for a SEED SWAP where you can bring us your unwanted seeds and take away something new to plant!

Toy Repair, Swaps and Library

We are looking for a small group of volunteers to help us create a Toy Working Group. If you'd like to see another "Toy Swap Trail" around Northstowe or could help us create a community Toy Library, then please get in contact!

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